2013 FILMS

2013 FILMS
  • graupel+poetry.jpg
    Graupel Poetry


    1hr 18min

    Dir: Bruce Saxway 

    The inseparable brothers Leung and Ming came to the big city pursuing their dreams of being successful actors. Unusual intimacy emerged in their daily life. When the taboo was broken, Leung realized that he was just living underneath the shadow of his brother. Standing on the edge of moral boundaries, Leung tried to pull himself out from the reality, but his world had already fallen apart.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Feature Film - Wu Yi

    Actor in a Feature - Yang Junyu

    Director Feature - Bruce X. Saxway

    Editor Feature - Bruce X. Saxway

    Supporting Actress in a Feature -

    Zhao Shumei

    Music Feature - Wei Fan, Kee-mo, Daniel Zhang

    Cinematography Feature - Nam-Kyun Kim

    Writing Feature - Bruce X. Saxway


    Schedule: D2B4

  • winter+hill.jpg
    Winter Hill


    16min NE Film

    Dir: Melissa Bruno - Attending, Q&A

    'Winter Hill' is about the tenuous friendship between two adolescent girls, growing up in a working class neighborhood during the early '90s.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Short Film - Melissa Bruno

    Actress Short - Nicole Boucher WINNER

    Best Director Short - Melissa Bruno

    Supporting Actress in a Short -

    Brianna Buckley WINNER

    Writing Short - Melissa Bruno WINNER

    New England Film - Melissa Bruno WINNER


    Schedule: D3B2

  • The-Hoarders_design_11.jpg
    The Hoarders



    Dir: Keaton Stewart 

    Two inseparable friends lose the Key, to open the box, containing the gift for their friend, and in the frantic search that ensues they come to realise that the act of giving is more important than the gift itself.


    2013 Nominations


    Editor Short - Anil Griffin

    Supporting Actor in a Short -

    James Buckingham

    Cinematography Short - Michael Steele


    Schedule: D2B2

  • the-comic-book-palace.jpg
    Comic Book Palace


    40min NE Film

    Dir: Felipe Jorge - Attending, Q&A

    The Comic Book Palace follows the owner/operator Glenn O'Leary and his loyal customers as they talk about issues ranging from comic book characters to their favorite comic book movie adaptations. This store has been in the same location for 20 years with minimal advertising, mostly relying on word of mouth. Everything was filmed in real time with one camera making this documentary unscripted.


    2013 Nominations


    Feature Documentary - Felipe Jorge WINNER

    New England Film - Felipe Jorge

    Editor Feature - Felipe Jorge WINNER


    Schedule: D3B1

  • HAZMAT2.jpg


    1hr 25min

    Dir: Lou Simon - Attending, Q&A

    The television crew of the "Scary Antics" hidden camera show sets up a disturbed young man for a practical joke, but the joke is on them when heads roll.

    Schedule: D2B3


    Best Horror Film

    Special Jury Prize

    Lou Simon WINNER

  • silence+poster+sm.jpg



    Dir: Pegah Arzi - Attending, Q&A

    A young boy that is eager to buy a digital camera for himself is collecting money by delivering pirated films to different people around the city of Tehran. He takes the money he has already collected and goes out to do a final round before he can finally buy the camera he had hoped for. While he is traveling from one place to another he encounters and hears different people fighting to solve their personal problems and through the eyes of the boy we begin to see the lives and problems of a few individuals.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Short Film - Pegah Arzi WINNER

    Actor in a Short - Benyamin Taghavi

    Director Short - Pegah Arzi WINNER

    Supporting Actor in a Short - 

    Farbod Rahimi Moghadam  WINNER

    Supporting Actress in a Short - 

    Cinematography Short - Navid Arzi

    Writing Short - Pegah Arzi WINNER



    Schedule: D2B4

  • unearthed.jpg
    Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary


    Dir: John Campopiano & Justin White 

    A Special preview of the all-encompassing documentary about Stephen King's Pet Sematary

    Schedule: D2B2

  • 어둠의 방 포스터2.jpg
    어둠의 방 (English Title: The Room of Darkness)



    Dir: So-jin Park

    Sang-won's mother sends Snag-won, who is suffering from autism, to a country house in Kangwon-do and pays for it every month. The janitor of the country house makes his living from the paycheck Sang-won's mother sends. But when the paychecks stop coming, the janitor calls Sang-won's mother and asks for his pay. But when all he gets is not his paychecks but sharp retorts, the janitor feels shameful and as a revenge plans to mentally torture Sang-won.


    2013 Nominations


    Director Short - So-Jin Park


    Schedule: D2B4

  • shinju+kitan.jpg



    Dir: Ken Hirata

    Once upon a time, two lovers commit suicide together from the top of hills. Somehow the guy survived, but the girl is missing. 


    2013 Nominations


    Best Short Film - Ken Hirata

    Actor in a Short - Yoh Hirasawa

    Director Short - Ken Hirata

    Cinematography Short - 

    Music Short - WINNER


    Schedule: D2B4

  • legit.jpg


    6min NE Film

    Dir: Izzy Lee - Attending, Q&A

    "Shut that whole thing down." A group of vigilante women take revenge on a shady politician with gruesome results.


    2013 Nominations


    New England Film - Izzy Lee


    Schedule: D2B3

  • The-Stolen-598.png
    The Stolen


    Dir: Karen Lam 

    An imaginative young girl frees a beaten boy from the clutches of her bullying brother, and is granted her secret wish.


    2013 Nominations


    Cinematography Short - Robert Aschmann WINNER


    Schedule: D2B3

  • musical+chairs.jpg
    Musical Chairs

    1hr 40min

    Dir: Susan Seidelman

    Prod: Janet Carrus - Attending, Q&A

    'Musical Chairs' is a romantic tale about two New Yorkers, Armando Ortiz and Mia Franklin, who share a love of dancing. Sophisticated Mia has a promising career as a professional ballroom dancer, Armando is a part-time handyman at the dance studio where she works. Despite their differences, there's clearly a spark between them when they find themselves alone practicing in the studio. But before their relationship has a chance to grow, a tragic accident changes Mia's life forever. Armando struggles to find a way to win Mia over until one day he hears about an upcoming 'Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Competition' taking place in NYC.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Feature Film - Janet Carrus, Joey Dedio, Ben Herkowitz, Marty Madden WINNER

    Actress in a Feature - Leah Pipes WINNER

    Director Feature - Susan Seidelman WINNER

    Editor Feature - Keiko Deguchi

    Supporting Actress in a Feature -

    Priscilla Lopez

    Supporting Actress in a Feature - 

    Laverne Cox WINNER

    Music Feature - Mario Grigorov WINNER

    Cinematography Feature - Stephen Kazmierski

    Writing Feature - Marty Madden WINNER


    Schedule: D2B2

  • Morning After Poster small.jpg
    The Morning After

    9min NE Film

    Dir: Katie Shannon - Attending, Q&A

    The Morning After is the story of a troubled couple who is at a crossroads in their relationship. We follow Sam and Lauren the morning after Sam discovers Lauren has cheated on her. Sam needs to decide if staying in this toxic relationship is worth it.

    Schedule: D3B1

  • janitor.jpg
    The Janitor

    16min NE Film

    Dir: Mark Battle - Attending, Q&A

    A 'hitman cleaner' faces a moral dilemma when he is ordered to finish a botched job.


    2013 Nominations


    Actor in a Short - Michael Anthony Coppola

    Writing Short - Mark Battle

    New England Film - Mark Battle


    Schedule: D2B1

  • HoneysuckleFlyer_Ver3.jpg

    29min NE Film

    Dir: Tye Whipple

    Co-Producer/Co-Writer: Adrian Atwood - Attending, Q&A

    Henry is aloof and apathetic, but his stoic exterior shrouds a macabre psychological affliction. Over the course of a day, Henry's paranoia comes to a blistering apex when a terrifying phantasm forces him to confront the root of his anxiety.


    2013 Nominations


    Actor in a Short - Adrian Atwood

    Editor Short - Tye Whipple

    Supporting Actress in a Short - Katalin Soni

    New England Film - Adrian Atwood


    Schedule: D2B1


  • Default image
    Fall Becomes Winter
    screenplay submission
    Best Short Screenplay
    Anthony Ambrosino

  • Lords of Salem MassIFF
    Lords of Salem


    Dir: Rob Zombie


    Special Midnight screening of Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem!


    Heidi, a radio DJ, is sent a box containing a record - a "gift from the Lords". The sounds within the grooves trigger flashbacks of her town's violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or are the Lords back to take revenge on Salem, Massachusetts?

  • JonathanGroff_DenisOHare.jpg

    1hr 30min

    Dir: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

    A cocky young man travels to Oregon to work on an apple farm. Out of his element, he finds his lifestyle and notions being picked apart by everyone who crosses his path. Featuring Jonathan Groff, Denis O'Hare, Dean Stockwell, Corey Stoll


    2013 Nominations


    Best Feature Film - Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Cookie Carosella, Stephen Nemeth

    Actor in a Feature - Jonathan Groff

    Feature Director - Kyle Patrick Alvarez

    Editor Feature - Fernando Collins

    Supporting Actor Feature - Dennis O'Hare WINNER

     Supporting Actor Feature - Corey Stoll

    Cinematography Feature - Jan Shelton WINNER

    Writing Feature - Kyle Patrick Alvarez




    Yahoo Movies


    The Wrap


    Schedule: D3B2

  • worlds+we+created.jpeg
    Worlds We Created


    Dir: Nicholas Santos - Attending, Q&A

    The story of a boy who walks the line between imagination and reality, and the day he realizes he may not be able to do so forever.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Short Film - Alison Walter

    Editor Short - Ian Payne

    Music Short - Ryan Dann

    Cinematography Short - Kyle I. Kelley


    Schedule: D2B1

  • night+porter.jpg
    Night Porter


    Dir: Bank Tangjaitrong

    A hotel bellboy takes on a task of helping a woman find her lost luggage but their brief encounter turns into the love story of his dreams.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Film Short - Bank Tangjaitrong

    Actor in a Short - David Lind WINNER

    Actress in a Short - Rebecca Steele

    Best Director Short - Bank Tangjaitrong

    Supporting Actor Short - Jimmy Welleby

    Music Short - Mary Kouyoumdjian

    Cinematography Short - Travis Bleen

    Writing Short - Bank Tangjaitrong


    Schedule: D1B1

  • certainly+never.jpg
    Certainly Never


    1hr 20min NE Film

    Dir: Matthew Phillion - Attending, Q&A

    What happens when 'the other man' meets 'the other woman?' A pair of neighbors discover they are both embroiled in love affairs in which they are the outsiders, and strike up a friendship that turns into something more. A melancholy romantic comedy, 'Certainly Never' breaks convention while trying to provide an honest portrayal of the stupid and beautiful things we all do to find happiness. One reviewer wrote of the script: 'All of the characters are written with empathy. No one is demonized; they're all people muddling through life, making bad emotional choices along the way


    2013 Nominations


    Actress in a Feature - Rachel Delante

    Supporting Actor in a Feature - Ryan Gillis

    Supporting Actress in a Feature -

    Naomi Stock

    Writing Feature - Matthew Phillion

    New England Film - Matthew Phillion


    Schedule: D3B1

  • the+one+who+builds.jpg
    The One Who Builds


    Dir: Hillary Pierce, Nick Gooler, Peter Carolla

    The One Who Builds is the story of the life and work of Dr. Omer Omer, once a Sudanese refugee, now an American citizen, who is giving back as the director of a refugee resettlement organization in Greensboro, North Carolina.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Short Documentary -

    Hillary Pierce, Peter Gooler, Peter Carolla  WINNER


    Schedule: D1B2

  • the+loss.jpg
    Kayip (English Title: The Loss)



    Dir: Mete Sozer - Attending, Q&A

    After a painful breakup with the love of his life, a man waits at a cafe for a lifetime, hoping she would walk in again.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Short Film - Mete Sozer

    Actress in a Short - Ozge Ozprincci

    Writing Short


    Schedule: D1B1

  • heaven's+rage.jpg
    Heaven's Rage



    Dir: Ken Cole -  Attending, Q&A

    Reed Timmer, star of Discovery's Storm Chasers, intercepts violent tornadoes during the historic chase that launched him to international fame.

    Schedule: D1B2

  • furever.jpg

    1hr 21min

    Dir: Amy Finkel

    Furever is a feature-length documentary that explores the dimensions of grief people experience over the loss of a pet. It examines the sociological evolution of pets in the U.S. today, particularly their position in a family unit, and how this evolution is affecting those in the veterinary profession and death care industry. With interviews from grieving pet owners, veterinarians, psychologists, sociologists, religious scholars, neuroscientists, and the many professionals who preserve a pet's body for their devastated clientele, or re-purpose a pet's cremains in unique ways (taxidermy, cloning, mummification, freeze-drying, and many more), Furever confronts contemporary trends, perspectives, and relevant cultural assumptions regarding attachment, religion, ritual, grief, and death, and studies the bonds that form between humans and animals, both psychological and physiological.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Feature Documentary - Amy Finkel

    Editor Feature - Lila Place and Amy Finkel


    Schedule: D1B3

  • lapse.jpg


    Dir: Anthony Haden Salerno - Attending, Q&A

    Actor/Prod: Bill Timoney - Attending, Q&A

    We follow a man through a single day of his life as he relives the dark turns that brought him to his substance riddled present. A dark, jarring opening quickly descends into a long dark night of the soul for one man who must face his demons and to return to the light.


    2013 Nominations


    Editor Short - Anthony Haden Salerno WINNER


    Schedule: D1B1

  • masterpiece+in+a+milltown.jpg
    Masterpiece in a Mill Town


    30min NE Film

    Dir: Emily Driscoll -  Attending, Q&A

    The improbably story of the Fitchburg Art Museum

    Schedule: D1B3

  • searcy+county.jpg
    Searcy County


    Dir: Noam Osband

    This short film depicts the little-known and unusual world of the Searcy County Livestock Auction in Marshall, Arkansas.


    2013 Nominations


    Editor Short - Noam Osband

    Short Documentary - Noam Osband





    Schedule: D1B3

  • love+sex+disability.jpg
    Love, Sex & Disability


    Dir: Carlo Basilone

    Love, Sex & Disability is a film that follows several individuals as they explore their thoughts on sex, disability and their own desires. They explain the challenges and pleasures of their own bodies, relationships and the battles to tear down the modern stereotypes of body image and beauty.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Feature Documentary - Carlo Basilone


    Schedule: D1B2

  • second+nurse.jpg
    Second Nurse

    16min NE Film

    Dir: Jenny Plante -  Attending, Q&A

    An electric film about memory, a nurse and her patient.

    Schedule: D1B1


    Best Experimental Film 

    Special Jury Prize

    Jenny Plante WINNER

  • partie+de+chasse.jpg
    Partie De Chasse (English Title: The Hunting Party)


    Dir: Douglas Gordon

    A meditative hunting film through the countryside of southern France.


    2013 Nominations


    Best Short Documentary - Douglas Gordon


    Schedule: D1B1

  • temenos.jpeg



    Dir: Adriane Little

    By origin, the word temenos is used to mark sacred space that encourages or creates shelter for disclosure and discovery. This act of revealing can be towards another or inward and beyond a physical sense of place. Playing off the idea of death as 'six feet under', Temenos creates a space six feet up. Within a spatial awareness of temenos, exists kairos or the unstructured time of personal insight and growth. Combined, temenos and kairos create place and time for ritual, meditation, mourning, psychic disruption and renewal.

    Schedule: D1B1

  • lightstalker.jpg
    Semaforsiranje (English Title: Lightstalker)


    Dir: Mateo Tomislav Klaric 

    A funny story about a horny guy and his imaginary friend helping him in his daily quest to satisfy his lust for women.

    Schedule: D1B1

  • Default image
    Women on the Way
    screenplay submission
    Best Feature Screenplay
    Prijo Ojala