The 2014 Winners & Nominees

Best Feature:


Consideration, Reflections of Maya Rose, The Yank,

The Boss Wants a Happy Ending, A Standing Still

winner: Scott Ballard - A Standing Still 


Best Short:


Nuit Beton, The Hero Pose, Crystal, The Demon Deep in Oklahoma, Waging War,Thirteen Blue, One Bedroom, Butterfly Fluttering

winner: Roman Kayumov - Butterfly Fluttering 


Best Doc:


Chair fit for an Angel, Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue, Earth Water Woman

winner: Raymond Saint-Jean - A Chair Fit For An Angel 


Best Actor Feature:


Tolga Cevik - The Boss Wants a Happy Ending, Max Gail - The Frontier,

Jon Ryan - Having Fun Up There

winner: Max Gail - The Frontier


Best Actor Short:


Nathan Willcocks -Nuit Beton,  Chaske Spencer -The Hero Pose, Adnan Abu Al-Shamat - A Spring Has Passed, Gianfranco Boattini -Closed Box, Justin Beahm - Silk

winner: Gianfranco Boattini - Closed Box


Best Actress Feature:


Alma S. Grey -Reflections of Maya Rose, Claire Richards -Consideration, 

Last Days of Ibiza

winner: Claire Richards - Consideration 


Best Actress Short:


Kate Stephen -Crystal, Shannon Beeby -The Demon Deep in Oklahoma, Shannon McLemore -One Bedroom, Emamanuela Sfrydi -Thirteen Blue, Vera Sapozhnikova and Ksenia Grekova - Butterfly Fluttering, Elle Alexander - Silk

winner: Shannon Beeby - The Demon Deep in Oklahoma 




Nuit Beton ,  A Chair Fit For an Angel - Jean-Francois Lord, Closed Box, The Blue Train, Waging War, Thirteen Blue, Armed Defense, A Standing Still

winner: Scott Ballard - A Standing Still




Seawolf, Nuit Beton, Waging War, Silk, Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue, The Blue Train, Butterfly Fluttering, Crystal. 

winner: Roman Kayumov - Butterfly Fluttering


Directing Feature:

nominees: V. Prasad -Consideration, Alexandra Wedenig -Reflections of Maya Rose,

Tim Wilkerson - Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue


Timothy Wilkerson - The Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue

V. Prasad - Consideration


Directing Short: 


Noe Weil -Nuit beton, Chell Stephen -Crystal, Mischa Jakupcak - the Hero Pose, Lance R. Marshall - The Demon Deep in Oklahoma, Jacquelyn Lentzou - Thirteen Blue, Lea Forest and Pablo Nicomedes (as Cosme Castro)  -Waging War, Roman Kayumov -Butterfly Fluttering

winner: Roman Kayumov - Butterfly Fluttering 




Nuit Beton, Reflections of Maya Rose, Alex Gulyachik - Butterfly Fluttering, Sean Lackey - The Yank, Geoff Tarulli and Frankie Frain - Having Fun Up There, Amy R. Butler and V. Prasad - Consideration, Chell Stephen - Crystal, Jacquelyn Lentzou - Thirteen Blue

winner: Frankie Frain & Geoff Tarulli - Having Fun Up 


New England Film:


Dark Roast, Having Fun Up There,

Moving Stone, Right There, Raising Matty Christian

winner: Frankie Frain - Having Fun Up There


Best Feature Screenplay:


"Showing" by Ron Furlong, "Frost on the Pumpkin" by Philip Sedgwick, "Slack Tide" by David Willis, "Outboard" by Karen Slade

winner: Ron Furlong - Showing

runner up: Phillip Sedgwick -Frost on the Pumpkin


Best Short Screenplay:


"Pelham Bay Park" by John Burdeaux. "Connection" by Paul DeWolf, "A Duck in the Ocean" by Amin Shaikh, "Elevationism" by Vasilios Asimakos, "Ashore" by Chris Hallock

winner: John Burdeaux - Pelham Park Bay

runner up: Chris Hallock - Ashore


Special Jury Award

Mary Horan - Irlanda Elizabeth