2014 FILMS

Screenplay Selections



Pelham Bay Park

Two girls meet at a deserted baseball field in the Bronx and are drawn into an absurd and possibly menacing match of wills.


by John Burdeaux


D2B5 special table read


Standing on a ledge inches away from certain death; a man contemplates a decision that not only will affect his life but also the life of a heartbroken boy eight miles across the Vineyard Sound.


by Paul DeWolf

A Duck in the Ocean

This story explores what 'a duck in the ocean' is to each of the two main characters Ken and Lilah.
Lilah claims that she saw a duck in the ocean; however, Ken does not believe there are ducks in the ocean. They make a bet to prove the other wrong.
Through his research, Ken finds an article about the thirty thousand rubber ducks drifting in the ocean for more than a decade. He now claims that the rubber duck finally reached the town they live in.
Lilah, on there other hand, had a strong reason that she wants to believe it is a real duck. Ken has not yet noticed what it is that Lilah is seeing in the figure of a duck in the ocean.


by Amin Shaikh


D2B5 special table read




An unexpected pregnancy throws unmarried couple Rose and Grant's life into chaos, and Rose's solution to her condition is a bit unusual; to try and hide the pregnancy from everyone the couple knows.


by Ron Furlong


Frost on the Pumpkin

A centuries old ghost, previously exorcised, is resurrected by a gathering of unwitting cheerleaders, and now seeks to fulfill its ancient yearning for revenge, no matter what.


by Philip Sedgwick

Slack Tide

After the loss of his family home, an aging shell-fishermen tries to rebuild a life in a scenic campground along the Cape Cod canal.


by David Willis


Chelsea and John, a sophisticated Manhattan couple, visit New Orleans and hire a fishing guide off of Craig's list for a day trip: differences erupt with their bayou captain as he steers them deeper into wilderness.


by Karen Slade


A young man deals with the interplay between art, romance, pain, and intoxication in the electronic age. A romantic rock melodrama.


by Vasilios Asimakos


A grieving woman encounters new life, mystery and ultimately terror from the darkest depths of the ocean.


by Chris Hallock


D2B5 special table read