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Regent Theater, Arlington

Day 1     Thursday, Sept. 5

Day 3      Saturday, Sept. 7

Block 1 - 5:00pm


Only People -1:28:00

Two friends who've had feelings for one another for years decide to set aside their current relationships for a weekend to meet and explore what could've been.

dir: Mark Weeden

Olivebridge - 25:00 

Soon after receiving a letter from her ex, Elizabeth spends an evening with her close friend Katie and comes to terms with her feelings of longing, regret and uncertainty about her past relationship.
dir: Andrew Gerzon

Block 2 - 7:05pm


We Are Thankful - 1:34:00 (subtitles)

The true story of Siyabonga Majola, a young man from a South African township with dreams of being a actor who does all he can to make his dreams a reality when a film production comes to a nearby town.

dir: Joshua Magor


Astray - 23:00

"Astray" is a minimalist, thriller-mystery that follows a young man as he searches for help for an injured dog that he hit on an isolated, rural highway. When we find him all alone on a dark stretch of road, Danny is running away from his home, family and from his life. He thinks separating himself is the way to cope. "Astray" tries to portray the message that if you are running from pain, you are usually running from yourself. Eventually, there is nowhere left to run. The film is an allegory about what it’s like for a young man dealing with isolation, guilt, and pain.

dir: Sam Lichtman


Block 3 - Documentary 1 - 9:05pm


Who Am I - 1:41:00 

Journey with Dr. Ming Jie Wu into an ancient healing practice. A story of compassion, teaching and healing.

dir: Caleb Vinson

As I See It - 6:00 
A color analogue photographer and a black and white iPhonographer use their juxtaposing styles to explore what it means to develop a creative lifestyle.

dir: Nicole Schiarizzi & Damon Blankenship 

Day 2        Friday, Sept. 6

Block 4 - Documentary 2 - 5:00pm


Balian (The Healer) - 1:25:00

BALIAN (The Healer) depicts the rise and fall of a traditional Balinese healer after being 'discovered' by Western tourists. A fable of globalization that Alan Berliner calls 'a magical portrait of a one-of-a-kind Indonesian trickster/healer...It’s funny, too.”

dir: Daniel McGuire


On the banks of Louisiana, fierce Indigenous women are ready to fight—to stop the corporate blacksnake and preserve their way of life. They are risking everything to protect Mother Earth from the predatory fossil fuel companies that seek to poison it.

dir: Sam Vinal


Block 5 - Italian Cinema 7:05pm

Rwanda - 1:30:00 (subtitles)

On the 6th of April 1994, the small African republic was involved in one of the fastest and most systematic genocides in history: one million deaths in just 100 days. Augustin is Hutu, and he must kill. Cécile is Tutsi, and she must die. However, something gives them the strength to do the right thing and accomplish a very brave act never to be forgotten: Saving many innocent civilian lives. What happened during that bloody spring changed not only Augustin's and Cécile's life, but also the one of two young actors called to interpret them on a stage boards many years later. Based on a true story

dir: Riccardo Salvetti


08 june '76 - 17:00 (subtitles)

One day, in late spring of 1976, the group "Brigate Rosse" killed three men of state: the judge Francesco Coco, his driver Antioco Deiana and his security guard Giovanni Saponara. That day, the breaking news quickly reported the terrible events occurred in Genoa. Angela, the guard's wife, and Luigi, his firstborn, listened the news...

dir: Gianni Saponara

9:00PM - Block 6


The Graveyard Gang - 1:44:00 

Dalen Gus refuses to grow up. He’s held it off so long, that he finds himself as a twenty-six year old, never having held a real, full-time job. But that doesn’t mean Dalen’s never had lofty goals. He’s interning at a movie producing company, he’s working on his next big screenplay all while working the graveyard shift, a few nights a week, at a newspaper factory with his three best friends. But when Dalen meets Ellie, the new and eccentric girl at work, he’s immediately veered off course from his ambitious path. Ellie lures Dalen down a dark, twisted road that takes him completely out of his comfort zone and challenges Dalen to ultimately break through the barriers in hopes of crossing over into adulthood.

dir: Guthrie Roy Hartford


Rations - 8:00

Two sisters struggle to support their ailing mother during a devastating drought after the monthly water rations are unexpectedly delayed.

dir: Alexander Rhodes-Wilmere

Block 7 - Asian Cinema - 12:00pm

The Girl in a Tiny Room - 1:22:00 (subtitles)

Heeju becomes a recluse from bullying at high school. She learns how to regain confidence from Dong-ha who she met from online live streaming. Dong-ha teaches her how to do self-hypnosis using a pendulum. He also encourages other recluses like him to get better. Heeju, who’s spent an entire year in her room, regains confidence slowly and finally leaves the room. She also makes up with her mom and decides to re-enter the society but Haeyoung, the bully, finds out where she lives and the harassment starts again.

dir: So-Jin Park


Terrolun and Lunlun - 50:00 (subtitles)

Two lonely people, a youth story

dir: Hiroyuki Miyagawa

Block 8 - 2:15pm


The Golden Age - 1:47:00 (subtitles)

May 1967. A penniless Franco-American producer living in Los Angeles returns to Paris, following in his mother’s footsteps to flee the Vietnam War. 
He meets an ambitious French theater actress, who acts in small Parisian theaters in front of empty seats. Both desperate to change the world, they decide to embark on an artistic project together, ending up in a small village in the South of France: Saint-Tropez... In this village tinged with artistic revolution and music, the experiences they have together will soon force them to face up to their choices. How far are they willing to go to change this world that doesn't work for them?

dir: Jenna Suru


Finding Amelia - 9:00 

A young woman struggling with her self identity and fitting in does whatever it takes to reach her goal, break records and shatter through the glass ceiling in the sky.

dir: Haley McHatton

The Penis - 3:00 

What do you need to get ahead in the work place? A penis!

dir: Audrey Noone



4PM to 5PM, Panel Discussion - downstairs at the Regent (Free event) 


From Script to Screen

Taking the step to make your first film.
A panel of filmmakers discuss what it entails to move from writing a script and to take it into production and follow up in post. The winning strategies and the pitfalls.


Jenna Suru

Diana Porter

Andrea Wolanin

Alecia Batson

4:30PM - Block 9 - Documentary 2


Vermont Fancy - 48:00 

'Vermont Fancy' is the story of a single farmer in rural Vermont, struggling with the consequences of his choice of life style, and the existential problem of what happens in the future as he ages and faces losing the ability to maintain his farm.

dir: Kathleen Dougherty Huxley

The Ocean Knows No Borders - 38:00

The Ocean Knows No Borders follows the story of Aunofo Havea, the first female licensed captain in all of Polynesia and the creator of the whale swimming industry in her native country of Tonga, as she inspires other women to face the unknown and break the glass ceiling.

dir: Jack Gordon

Recipe For Disaster: Green Crabs in The Great Marsh - 7:00 

Recipe For Disaster is the story of an ecological catastrophe in the making in four neighboring towns on the Massachusetts coast. As native scallops, mussels, clams, and protective eelgrass disappear under the explosive invasion of green crabs, scientists, local experts, and residents are scrambling to save the marsh from decimation.

dir: Nubar Alexanian

6:15PM - Block 10 - Short Block


Put Your Feet Up - 21:00 

A man discusses his unique fetish with a woman he met on Craigslist.

dir: Peter Horgan

Adult A.D.R. - 29:00 
A home recording studio takes on a job helping a local actress and winds up being forced to sound design an adult film.

dir: Topher Hansson & Chris Goodwin

re|cord - 20:00 

You're On the Air - 17:00 
In 1999, radio host Max Tanner is caught in a hostage situation live on the air. Can Max keep the caller on the phone long enough or will we find out who Max really is?

dir: Mark Maille

Four-Sided - 12:00 
Based upon the critically acclaimed novel, A Four-Sided Bed, by Elizabeth Searle, and starring transgender pioneer Rain Valdez, Four-Sided is an impressionistic romance exploring the dynamics between four lovers encircling a transgender woman's rites of passage and her co-dependent 'sister'. Each reacting differently when it comes to accepting their sexual identities and desires, unveiling uncomfortable truths.

dir: Vittoria Colonna

Heartbeat - 11:00 

In a not distant future, an American couple, expecting their first child, receive the unfortunate news that they are having a miscarriage. The wife is immediately arrested for manslaughter.

dir: Diana Porter


From Within - 8:00 

A series of bizarre encounters with the supernatural sends a woman down a nightmarish road of memories that can only end in blood.

dir: Andrea Wolanin


SAT. 9pm - After Party and Award Show!!! 

Free food and cash bar! Free to all. 

At the Regent


Script Finalists



A Four-Sided Bed: Elizabeth Searle 

Invisible: Eric Weber 

Meet Me At The Sinclair: Guthrie Roy Hartford 

High Strangeness: Eric Bickernicks 

Cove: Thomas O'Malley 

THE RESET BUTTON: Jennifer Rapaport 



Burn Unit:  Rachel Thomas-Medwid 

Dear Emma Your Charlie: Lisa Tedesco 

Toby's Tree: PJ Roup 

Happy Birthday, Julio:  David Juarez