Saturday, 8.25 - Day 1

Block 1  – 12:00pm


Sophia’s Music Room
"Sophia's Music Room" is a character study that centers around the story of Sophia Rodriguez, a 17 year old Latina navigating life as she blossoms from adolescence into young adulthood. Torn between following tradition, or following her own dreams of being in a rock band, Sophia begins to learn the definition of "family" and starts her journey to finding herself.  dir. Jose Negron Jr.     21min


The Nesting Doll
The day before William relocates his mother to a memory care unit for aging seniors, his estranged brother Richard arrives to collect a box of belongings. Despite their contentious relationship, a document from their childhood inspires the men to search for a missing keepsake which might offer their mother one last happy memory with her two sons.       dir. Jeffrey Blake Palmer   13min


Smoke Grenade
Robert is peer pressured into setting off a smoke grenade in his high school bathroom as a prank. After running home early he stumbles across a family secret that will change his life forever.   dir. Joe LaRocca        10min


The Limits of My World
The Limits of My World follows a nonverbal young man’s transition from the school system into adulthood. Brian has autism and faces the daily challenges of adjusting to his new life. Filmed from the intimate perspective of his older sister Heather, this documentary seeks to understand Brian’s personality beneath his disability. The Limits of My World is an autistic coming of age story, exploring what it means to be a nonverbal disabled person in a neurotypical society.      dir. Heather Cassano             71min

Block 2 – 2:15pm


As the world descends into the apocalypse and the infected overrun the streets of Boston, one man fights his way out of the city in search of a safer place. dir. Sam Powell   15min


Very Grave Robbers
When their home invasion is interrupted by a memorial service, two robbers must blend in or get busted.    dir. Erik Hinrichsen       8min


Heard No More
In the final film of the Relationship Trilogy, a car accident on a dark rainy night gives two people their last opportunity to decide if they will stay together forever.    dir. Jason O'Brien, Carron Clark     13min


Movies of the Future with Lloyd Kaufman
Lloyd Kaufman—underground film legend and co-founder of Troma Entertainment Inc.— has been making independent, low budget classics like The Toxic Avenger, and The Class of Nuke ‘em High, for over 40 year. Critics pan him, fans worship him and through it all Kaufman has continued his DIY ideals, preaching to anyone and everyone that they, too, can make their own damn movie. Movies of the Future with Lloyd Kaufman follows a cinematic cult figure as he continues to create and inspire generations of low-budget filmmakers while completely failing to be taken seriously by an industry that wants nothing to do with him.  dir. Geoff Tarulli   64min

Block 3 – 4:15pm


When the Witches Came to Town
A tale of two Eastwicks. In the spring of 1986, Little Compton, RI and Cohasset, MA fought to be 'Eastwick', the fictional town in the Warner Bros. film 'The Witches Of Eastwick.' In the end, WB chose Cohasset and its inhabitants became starstruck as Hollywood took over their charming town during the summer of 1986. 2018 Remi Award Winner and Official Selection from the Worldfest-Houston International Film and Video Festival.   dir. David Fresina     52min


OBallad of a Righteous Merchant
MY SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE was inspired by the true story of an actor who committed in reality the crime he was supposed to enact on stage in a production of an ancient Greek play: he murdered his mother. BALLAD OF A RIGHTEOUS MERCHANT explores the process through which this true story, for which an ancient myth was the catalyst, is transformed back into a fiction—that is, into a Werner Herzog film.   dir. Herbert Golder     63min


Block 4 – 6:30pm


Cab Ride
Two strangers share a cab ride through a city that is quickly gentrifying.
dir. Melissa Bruno    5min


The Hun
The Hun is a short film drama set in the trenches during the late stages of the First World War. It follows a young American soldier, Private MacDonald, who has just become his company's new message runner. Facing imminent German advances, MacDonald and his brothers in arms mentally prepare for the onslaught. Written and directed by Marine Corps veteran, Tyler Mendelson, this short film sheds light on a worldwide conflict that is sadly much forgotten, during its one-hundred year anniversary.”  
dir. Tyler Mendelson  13min


93 Miles
The night after defecting Cuba, a baseball player and his girlfriend are held up in a Mexican hotel room. The tension rises as the two become claustrophobic in this stressful situation that they are stuck in.  dir. Noah Canavan   17min


A silent drama that visually represents the inner struggles of suffering from anxiety.
dir. Chris Esper    10min


Paid For By - Diane Busch's Anti-Fracking Campaign Ad
PAID FOR BY is a comedy short that explores the nature of American politics as seen through the lens of political commercial production.  dir. Dawn Smith    8min


Creative Block
A short bilingual (English-French) film weaving magical realism into everyday life, CREATIVE BLOCK introduces us to Claire, a young artist and puppet-maker in New York. One day, she suffers a huge rupture in her creative thought, leading to depression. She soon becomes convinced the only cure is the art of another: Thibaut, a figure skater in Paris.   dir. Nicola Rose, Tine DiLucia, Véronique N. Doumbé     16min


Block 5 – 8:00pm


Grolier Poetry Book Shop - The last sacred place of poetry
"This half-hour documentary is about the Grolier Poetry Book Shop – a small one-room independent bookstore at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that focuses solely on poetry. This documentary unpacks the Grolier’s rich history and current transformation. We hear characters read and talk about poetry, and share their experiences at the Grolier.   dir. Weiying Huang, Mengyuan Lin    34min


Kurt Vonnegut's A Man Without a Country
A Man Without a Country, based on Kurt Vonnegut's last book, shows his worldview, humor and life story, through his best friends. It is as close as it gets to his very essence. dir. J.J. Harting   69min

Sunday, 8.26 - Day 2

Block 1  – 11:30am


May 16, 3:14am
Waiting for the train home one night, a mysterious woman appears across the platform.
dir. Skyler Carkhuff   4min


A woman mourns the loss of the life she had planned for herself before finally letting go.
dir. Bonita Oliver    13min


An adolescent boy who is traumatized both psychologically and physically is befriended one summer by an empathetic and eccentric adolescent girl. She inspires him in ways that he only fully realizes as an adult. Inspired by true events.  dir. Victoria Wojick 24min


Two brothers, an endless summer afternoon, a turning point.   dir. Jem Moore.    6min


If you’re desperate enough to want to see something, will you see it even if it’s not there?
dir. Lance R. Marshall, Shannon Beeby, James E. Oxford  



LaBeouf, Rönkkö and Turner embark on a month-long project to hitchhike the internet, posting their coordinates online each day and waiting for a ride, with their path entirely in the hands of the public.  dir. Labeouf, Rönkkö

Turner       44min

Block 2 – 1:30pm


A lonely young man believes that the only way to find joy is to run away to Pluto.
dir. Tiger Ji     40min


A washed up, alcoholic ex-prizefighter makes a comeback to boxing after his top-middleweight contender son is wrongfully blinded in the ring.  
dir. Sam Upton. 90min

Block 3 – 4:00pm


Learning to Wink
A man attempts to teach his partner how to wink.   
dir. Porcelain Dalya , Brendan Boogie    3min


In a Sentimental Mood
Anna dropped out of college to become a painter but she finds herself pulled away from her artistic pursuits by her dysfunctional roommate and a new love interest.
dir. Michael Gold     117min


Feature Scripts

A PARALLAX VIEW by Peter Horgan

AFTER MIDNIGHT by Steve Allen Blair

BLOOD'S CHILD by Steven Bogart


ENID'S WALL by Kristin Holodak

THE FAMILY WAY by Shiva Rodriguez and D. Duckie Rodriguez


Short Scripts

CHERRY GLAZED by Christine Sherwood

LAWFUL INJUSTICE by Kevin L. Cole, Jr.

THE REMNANT by Kaitlyn Kowalski

THE FIDDLER by Charles Hertz

THE FIGHTERT by Samantha Kolesnik

THE RIVER by Farah Rose