Local Actress on Her Upcoming Speaker Series on Collaboration in Film

Writers, directors, cinematographers, actors ... we’re all asking the same question: how do we truthfully depict the human experience?

The moment I changed my mindset from “competition” to “collaboration,” the film industry became no longer just tolerable, but fulfilling. We do often forget the students who are graduating will soon be our coworkers. If we can help educate the next wave of talent and give them all the appropriate tools to work with, we all win.

That’s why I created a panel discussion this Friday at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, with other industry professionals from our area. The first of its kind, our hope is to continue to develop the idea and bring it to colleges all over the country!

I actually went Curry College, which is why I decided to host the first workshop there. I wanted to give back to the place that gave me so much. As I kid, I struggled with learning how to read in school, so my parents would read me scripts. I was able to memorize entire plays before being able to read a single word. My hope is that this is a great resource for our city's arts community!

The film industry is constantly changing, so this panel will provide context and insight for how these professionals handle changes and keep adapting to face various challenges head on.

The event will be held in the Keith Auditorium at 2:30 p.m. and is open to all.

Samantha R. Valletta is a Boston- and New York-based actress who can be seen in the upcoming films Kingdom by the Sea, American Women, Erastus, which is a thriller shot in 16 mm, and The Sympathy Card, directed by Massachusetts filmmaker Brendan Boogie. She may be known to MassIFF fans as a former festival host and master of ceremonies.

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